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Fall is the best.

Football is in full swing and the crisp Autumn air is now our new constant. To everyones displeasure, the dropping temperatures give us women the confidence to complain even louder about being cold.

Fortunately, we get to hide behind chunky sweaters and puffy coats to camouflage our growing waistlines. For those who are attracted to women, this is equally as exciting because, well, "sweater puppies".

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Undoubtedly, this year feels a little different than last. Trump won't shut up and the #PSL movement is not shiny and sparkly anymore. I see less mentions on social and less "Pumpkin Spice and Chill" tshirts at Target, but you can now buy a butt plug that looks like one of our Presidential Candidates on Etsy. And, that's all I'd like to say about that..

Love or "I'll take whatever is fun" is certainly in the air.

This isn't because people are ready for or necessarily wanting exclusivity, it's the need to have a decent-looking counterpart for all those textbook photo ops that support a "healthy" social reputation. Because ending Fall without a pumpkin patch IG or failing to document your Edelman's in multi-colored leaves, is basically like the season never happened at all.

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We all know Summer isn't great for snuggling, so there's a sense of urgency to make up for it in Autumn. Unfortunately, this requires two or the investment in a solid body pillow- to each his own.

Sadly, the leaves will eventually fade and the snow will make an appearance only to introduce us to the Holiday Season. Parties and family gatherings will flood our calendars over the next several months, further encouraging us to couple because conversational ear bleeding is much easier to navigate with a partner.

As much as we all enjoy soup, thick socks and flings we know will come to a close in January, there is one Fall event that diminishes the excitement or propels it forward depending- Halloween. But, let's leave that for it's own post.



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