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Disclaimer: I'm definitely not here to make anyone feel bad about their lifestyle and this was written completely void of judging eyes. Promise.

I'm not exactly perfect either. Ask any of my friends, I can turn into a party monster and it most certainly did not end in college.

Being healthy is super important. If you treat your body like shit now, it will give you the middle finger and laugh at you in your 50's, maybe even in your 40's. Scary.

Now that I'm over the 25 hump, I've been more concerned about getting my life together mentally, physically and spiritually. I struggle with consistency across the board, but exercise in particluar is a constant battle.

I can never stay on any sort of routine. I do all the right things for a few weeks—just enough to kind of get over the "I'm so sore 24/7" phase. Next thing I know, I'm binging on egg salad sandwiches [hilarious because I'm now vegan] and watching Parks and Rec episodes I've seen 503489230493 million times. The cycle continues.

Let's talk booze.

I took some time off from drinking recently and it's wild how different you operate when you're 100% sober for an extended period of time. I think this is precisely the reason why I don't have a consistent routine.

I consider myself a moderate drinker, cursed with TERRIBLE hangovers. I look and feel like a gremlin in the morning. Thankfully this helps me refrain from indulging, for the most part. I don't understand how people make it to spinning the next day. Just waking up and feeling fine blows my mind.

Because of this, I like to stay in on Friday nights and make the most out of my Saturdays. This usually entails brunch followed by a few drinks somewhere else, then a snooze.

Staying out until 2am is not my idea of a fun time anymore, which is strange and a huge reminder that, I am in fact, becoming an adult. Every once in a while it's a good time but I literally can't do it anymore. I'm super lazy the next day, then I have anxiety about being lazy with a tummy full of egg salad sandwiches. Not pleasant.

After a couple of weeks of not drinking, I felt physically better. Immediately, I felt more interesting because I had hobbies again. Hobbies were something I left behind in high school, replaced by a little something called college.

Here are some other things I noticed:

  • I washed my makeup off before I went to bed. This kind of freaked me out because, although gross, I've never been one of those girls who is religious about washing their face. I know, I'm a terrible human being.
  • My skin was glowing (possibly a result of washing my face as an adult should)
  • Had more time to do things that make me happy
  • The money I wasn't spending on going out was used to buy other things I wanted/needed like clothes or adventuring. I even saved more.
  • I ate better
  • I had a ton of energy
  • Felt clear-headed and very productive

Why did this end? Life happened. I wish I could say I'm committed to never drinking again, but that would be a lie. And, although booze has come back into my life I am much more conscious of my drinking, which I think is almost as important.

In short, it's good to talk about this stuff and if you're thinking about taking a break and resetting your life, I totally recommend. It's a nice little reminder that life has a ton of things to offer outside of droppin it like it's hot and singing karaoke (which I 100% love).



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