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I'll be 27 on July 9th. Wild.

If you haven't read my bio, I've been living in the San Francisco Bay Area for 4 years now. Seems like just yesterday, I was crying entirely way too much while living at my dads house after graduating from college. The moment I realized all I had were cats that didn't even like me, I decided I was done crying and it was time to get on with my life.

I packed up my little Honda Civic and drove to California. Soon after my arrival I went to grad school, which offered a couple new friends, but it's hard to meet people when all you do is read and tell nerdy Psychology jokes.

Because finding a boyfriend is much easier than finding friends, I took my issue to the likes of Tinder and OKCupid. At first, this felt like a low point, but I met a couple interesting characters on the web like Antonio #1 and realized this could provide enough entertainment to hold me over until I found awesome friends.

Fast-forward to Antonio #2 and a couple years later, I was still relatively friendless. At this point I was puzzled. I never thought I would ever have an issue finding friends— I love everyone and I'm always up for an adventure. Not to mention, I've always had five million of them.

Turns out, finding friends is fucking difficult when social activities are not the center of your life anymore.

Really though, where do you find them. WHERE.

Excluding work, I'm out of ideas.

If you or anyone you know, knows someone who has a sister/brother/friend/cousin/lover who likes/does any of the things listed down below, please send them my way:

  • Eats plants
  • Has a pet
  • Thinks Action Bronson is hilarious (and equally adorable..maybe even hot)
  • Appreciates Broad City, but prefers Girls.
  • Loves disco, sparkles and burritos
  • Enjoys gin and sour beers
  • Can bowl over a 150
  • Listens to NPR, but keeps up with Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2
  • Hates Disneyland
  • Knows their sun, ascendent and moon sign
  • Believes in naps
  • Likes the idea of the beach, but hates the reality of sand



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