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Let me start with a little disclaimer: I'm not a dietician, nutritionist, food expert or doctor. I'm just a gal who reads things. The intention of this post is to inspire continual learning and discussion around food.

If you're active on social media, your newsfeed was likely cluttered with articles around coconut oil last week.

Admittedly, most of the "health advice" I see on Facebook makes me want to explode, but I just couldn't sit this particular one out.

The panic I saw over coconut oil was eye-opening. Why have people put so much stock in coconut oil?

I've decided there are two things happening here.

Most people (myself included) are guilty of the health halo effect. Similar to my post on booze, we cling to any piece of evidence that supports us eating those unhealthy foods we love because it's comfortable and delicious. This is a relatively easy fix, we just need own making the decision to eat food that is not health-promoting or make better choices.

Alternatively, you could argue we make unhealthy choices because we genuinely believe what we read. Totally fair, and this leads me to the point I'm trying to make here.

The lack of clear and objective information has, and will continue to have, major consequences.

Food is an important vehicle to healthy living and my biggest hope for all of us in terms of diet, is the ability to make conscious and well-educated decisions.

I am sad because today, I feel, we are misguided and live in a world with conflicting information, dispersed by organizations that should be trusted.

I take issue with the American Heart Association's recent announcement on coconut oil because there are recipes on their website that support the use of other oils. I find this message fragmented, contradictory and confusing. Note: If you are interested in learning more about this perspective, I recommend watching "What the Health" (on Netflix).

TL;DR: Food is not the answer to everything, but the power of food can not be ignored or minimized. I encourage you to learn more about what you put in your body, question what you read and think holistically.

If you're interested in oil-free cooking, I encourage you to read more here. If you're too lazy to read another blog post, water is an easy alternative for stove top cooking. You could also consider throwing veggies like onions and mushrooms in the pan first before adding your other ingredients. This will keep everything from sticking.



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