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The title of this post is a little dramatic, but keep in mind I'm writing this as I'm binging, so I've got my sassy pants on. I took the plunge and now I'm in it for the long haul. I wonder how long it will take me, probably forever.

To give you some perspective, this was written after I finished Season 2. If you've never seen the show, this will make zero sense. I apologize, it looks like you're sitting this one out.

Maybe it's me getting older or maybe it's because I've officially experienced a big girl relationship- whatever the reason, the show is just not the same anymore.

I still think it's funny, the clothes are still fabulous and I'm obviously a big fan of anything that empowers female sexuality. However, there are a number of things I hate and most of it centers around Carrie.

Sex and the City_Carrie

Ugh. Carrie. She used to be my favorite and now she makes me angry. It breaks my heart.

Her relationship with Big really put me over the edge. She sleeps with this guy for a couple of weeks and then cries about how he doesn't involve her with every aspect of his life. I'm certainly no dating expert, but this seems a tad premature.

She walks on egg shells around him, only to make everything a huge deal at 3am, demanding to meet [in 20 minutes] at "their spot" to discuss further.

Case in point, the blow dryer fiasco.

Carrie decides she wants to start leaving things at Big's because she sleeps over so often. Totally get it, it's super annoying to be without your things. That's why adults don't have sleepovers, outside of "sleepovers with a purpose" of course.

Like clockwork, Carrie looks down blankly staring to the side and sighs. Sometimes she'll touch her forehead or push her hair back with both her hands, but she always makes that face. Her famous half cry/half angry explosion soon follows.


The blow dryer conversation led to Carrie wondering about the extinction of relationships as she knew it..

"Single men in Manhattan had yearned for that kind of separate togetherness.I felt like the last dinosaur. Was I the one who needed to adapt? Was my view of a relationship extinct?"

No need to dive into that one. Enough with Carrie.

I understand Miranda was casted to be the "odd" one, but the haircuts she rocks are just cruel. They twist the dagger by making her wear weird hats all the time. At least she still brought boys to the yard.

Sex and the City_Miranda


I also refuse to believe men approach women even a quarter of what we see on the show. But, hey, it makes for good television.

Some things just aren't applicable to todays world like to asking someone on a date over a phone call or smoking indoors, but I still enjoy and will happily continue my Sex and the City binge.



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