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DISCLAIMER: Because this blog is all about honesty, the items down below ARE affiliate links. Meaning, I make a couple pennies if you decide to purchase. I do want to mention I paid for these products myself and I genuinely use all the products included here. I love them and I hope you do too.

Here are a few things I've fallen in love with recently:

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant - Bergamot and Lime Jar

Outside of toothpaste, deodorant has been the most challenging to buy vegan. If we're being honest, most of them suck.

Once you get over the I have to touch my armpit thing, you'll quickly realize it actually works. Schmidt's is hands down the best deordorant I've tried and I think most vegans would agree. I personally use the Bergamot + Lime scent and I plan to try the Rose-Vanilla scent next.

Now, if you hate touching your armpits you might want to check out the stick. I personally haven't tried it, but I've heard it's fragile and can fall apart.

Schmidt's Deodorant Stick, Bergamot + Lime

Radha Beauty Vitamin C Serum - 20% organic Vit C + E + Hyaluronic Acid

Super straightforward. Vitamin C is a miracle worker and I have been using it to help with sun spots. I use it on my face, neck, chest and hands, and I've actually seen a difference. I put this on after my moisterizer is dry, before applying makeup.

Paula's Choice RESIST Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50 Anti-Aging Moisturizer

This product is a game-changer. I literally wear it everyday. It's a moisterizer for most skin types with SPF 50. I don't know about you, but I HATE myself for what I put my skin through when I was younger.

At 28, I'm trying to reverse all the damage I've done and it's proving to be difficult. STAY OUT OF THE SUN. Parents, you were right and we should have listened.

After I wash my face, I put on the moisterizer and let it hang out for 10 minutes before applying the Vitamin C serum. It's super light weight and doesn't leave a white finish.

While Paula's Choice is cruelty-free, some products are not 100% vegan. This particular product does not contain any of the ingredients on the "may be animal-derived" list below. Do your homework to make sure this aligns with your values before you buy.

This is directly from their website:


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