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I mostly hate going to the grocery store. If it was guaranteed people wouldn't have headphones in and block the aisles for far too long, I may hold a different opinion. It's like HELLOOOO WE GET IT, THIS IS YOUR HAPPY PLACE - LISTENING TO THIS AMERICAN LIFE WHILE PICKING OUT ORGANIC PRODUCE - BUT, I'M ON A MISSION.

Fortunately for me, I have a boyfriend that works at Walmart eCommerce, or as we affectionally call it, WallyWorld. We order online and it gets delivered to his desk. Major game changer.

If I end up having to make a run for the store, I typically play the let's-GTFO-as-soon-as-possible game.

On average, my half of the groceries (I split with my boyfriend) cost $25-$35 per week and that covers all my meals. Whoever said being vegan was expensive, ate like a king.

TIPS for Ballin' on a Budget:

  • DO NOT buy Nutritional Yeast at Whole Foods, it's insanely expensive. Try Amazon or Trader Joe's.

  • Check out the bulk bags of fruits and veggies, you can usually find good deals.

  • Become a regular at your local Farmers Market

  • Buy rice in huge bags, I tend to buy 25lb bags and it lasts forever.

  • Swap things in and out based on seasons and what's on sale.

  • Buy raw beans over canned. Cooking beans does take some time to learn, but raw beans are extremely cost-effective.

  • If you don't mind going to the grocery store more frequently, find a Grocery Outlet or something similar to get cheaper produce. Their produce does tend to be close to the expiration date, but it's a great way to get cheap greens for juicing or if you go through things quickly. They also have a ton of Kashi cereals too.

  • Think of food as nutrition. Once you do, you'll pretty much eat anything that tastes meh and above. This comes in handy when your least favorite foods are on sale.

Here is the list of things I buy most frequently– not per week, I pick and choose as I need them.

Basically all these things can be mixed and matched into soups, salads, sandwiches, tacos, rice bowls, sushi rolls, pastas etc. It's a good list if you are feeling lazy and have zero interest in planning actual meals.

Happy to answer questions outside of where do you get your protein. DO YOU know how much protein you need a day?



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