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This year was a lot and this Fall was by far the most challenging. I was laid off, ended a relationship with someone I lived with and moved into a living room. It's crazy how vastly different your life actually is from what you envisioned growing up.

Getting laid off was one of the most stressful and eye-opening experiences I've ever been through.

I can now share this is officially over, but it's not the point of this post.

My life completely changed from a two minute phone conversation, which offered me a dream role with an amazing company. After the call, I sobbed like a baby and didn't believe it was real. Truthfully, I still don't believe it's real. Maybe after my first day this will change.

Obviously I'm over-the-moon excited, but it's important to reflect on what this experience has taught me. Especially as a young person, it would be foolish to think this will never happen again and it would even be more foolish to take for granted what I've learned.

Perseverance is a very real thing. Without it, I'd probably be homeless. Thankfully, I had an amazing support system who pushed me along this journey.

Coming from an ex-salesperson who has a pretty tough shell, the rejection alone is terrible.

Every Sunday, like clockwork, I'd wake up at 3am with fear of going yet another week without a job offer. You feel disconnected from society. When meeting new people you hope they don't ask the dreaded question, "So what do you do?". Sure, I don't put the opinion of others high on my list of things I care about, but it's more of an exercise of holding it together when answering this question repeatedly for months.

Words can not explain the feeling of seeing the bills pile up, arguing with inflexible student loan providers, having to go without health care or the embarrassment of having others pay for things.

You feel like a loser.

And, after a while, you begin to believe this lie.

I'm lucky this was a short time in my life, for others that's not always the case. Now that I'm [kind of ish] on the other side, I consider a lot of things bullshit. I'm more appreciative of the little things that required creativity to obtain when I was unemployed i.e healthy, non-processed food and toiletries like fancy toothpaste.

I'm ashamed of taking these things for granted. It's sad how easy it is to lose touch with the reality of the world. As trying as this journey was, at the end of the day, I understand that I am privileged and my outcome could've been different without the resources I had at my disposal.

I challenge you to always hold on to the larger perspective and never forget to put yourself in other peoples shoes.



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