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Disclaimer: I'm not a wine expert, nor am I a doctor. I'm just a gal who reads things. Saying that I find issue with people telling me how to live my life is an understatement and I'm certainly not here to impose behavior changes on anyone, ever. The intention of this post is to introduce discussion.

I decided to move over to blogging only after I sensed my brain was starting to explode from looking at social for too long. It's 4 am and I'm here to rant, because why not.

I like wine, wine is delicious.

But, I hate seeing things like this on internet:


Here's why.

Wine is alcohol, yet society frames it as something that doesn't count. I think we can do better.

I watched a documentary a few months ago and one takeaway that really stuck with me was something super simple and served as my "aha" moment.

Wine is made from grapes. The skin of the grapes hold the nutritional power to provide almost all the benefits so prominently shared on social to rationalize, or arguably endorse, drinking alcohol.

If you want nearly all the amazing benefits and avoid the consequences of booze, you could choose to just eat grapes or drink grape juice [we'll put the sugar in the parking lot for another post].

If you want to drink wine to drink wine, go for it.

Let's just separate the health benefits of grapes from the reasons to drink alcohol. It's so American of us to do so. And, we follow suit with food. We cling to any tiny piece of evidence that supports ingesting things that really aren't good for us or the recommended amount is so insanely small that it's best to avoid altogether.

Whether it's to relax, get drunk, enjoy the taste, celebrate cleaning your room or prep for your hot Tinder date- we just need to own it.

..I can feel the Googling happening already. You, like me, will find the research to be all over the place. However, I am comfortable saying the effects of even moderate alcohol consumption are downplayed and the narrow view of wine benefits that hang out on social media, should be taken with a grain of salt.

Maybe I'm the only one who finds issue with this, maybe I'm not.



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